The Triumph Project: Where are you now??

Update 12/31/15 Written by Jeff Fairbanks (Project Creator- @thetriumphproject )

Maybe you’ve seen the trailer, maybe listened to a podcast or read an article or two about the project, but it’s still left you wondering, what’s the status? What’s going on? Wonder no more. Below is an update on logistics and what’s to come:

First and foremost, thank you to all of you who have been following the project, sharing the releases or posts, rocking project gear and sharing your positivity with me on this journey-it is extremely humbling, and supports my huge love for this community, YOU ROCK!!


The project’s focus remains steadfast on showcasing “why we TRI” however the means in which that message is being captured has shifted. Originally the focus was utilizing the varying levels of featured athletes to project “why”- that is no longer the case. The featured athletes will still remain a component of the project, but the backbone of “why” will come from your community voice. Your “why’s “and how this sport has evolved you, changed you, impacted you etc. will be utilized as the focus of the project which will support the pathways of the featured athletes.

I want this project to represent your voice, because in my opinion, this journey is as much mine as it is yours. More details to come.

21 Day Endeavor:

I’ve always been a little bit lost on what my specific journey was in this project. I’ve heard a lot of “you’re crazy” for even beginning this whole thing, aside from being a working stiff, a family man, training and figuring out how to make a film when I’ve never been involved in that world before.

I wanted my journey to be a bridge somehow to the community, and my original plan for the project was clouding my thoughts on how to get this done. Do I just randomly show up with the featured athletes? Do I focus on the juggling aspects of my life? Where do I fit?

Then my shift developed on how I was showcasing the “why” coming from the community voice as the backbone of the project. Once that happened, it became clear on what my pathway should be, and yes, it’s still “crazy.”

In the spring/early summer of 2016 (tentatively end of May 2016), my family and I will embark on an East Coast road trip, as I endure 70.3 distance efforts each day in a different city, for 21 days. This will be an opportunity for the community to come out and support my efforts by joining me on a portion of my daily 70.3 regimen.

The route and city selections are currently being determined. The goal for project completion would be at the end of this journey with an anticipated release of July/August 2016. More details to come.

The Now:

I’ve been focusing most of my efforts on exposure for the project as a means to connect it to as many people as possible. The majority of my efforts come from Instagram where I’ve been so inspired by the community, that the majority of my Instagram page focus is sharing other people’s triumph’s and imagery as a means of showcasing our static “why’s”- if you haven’t seen my IG page, give it a look @thetriumphproject and tag some photos with #thetriumphproject for sharing opportunity or shoot me a message there to say hello! 

As much as I’ve been utterly impressed and humbled with the amount of social support and following, there’s a part of me that feels like there are still so many that don’t know about what I’m doing.

I’ve recently done a podcast with Zen Triathlon (released 12/23/15) and just completed an article interview with Sports Illustrated (to be released) about the project and its purpose.

I’m also sitting here knee deep in my self-taught training regimen as I’m preparing to take on a HITS 70.3 race in Naples, FL Jan 9th 2016. This will be my third 70.3 race in my two years of being involved with the sport of triathlon. My favorite part is that this race was the first 70.3 I’ve ever attempted and I hope that I can show progress on this next go.

If any of you are going to be down at the HITS Naples, FL race, please look for me and say hello. Some of the best people I’ve met have come from virtual connections via Instagram, which I believe is a testament to this rocking sport and its rocking community.

I’ll be attempting to provide monthly updates on the project and what I’m doing as means to keep you in the know. Any suggestions, opportunities, support options that you think I should consider can be submitted via any of the details below. Until next time, keep rocking!


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