The Triumph Project "The Kids"

The Triumph Project: For the Kids

Update 2/17/16 Written by Jeff Fairbanks (Project Creator- @thetriumphproject )

The Youth of Today:

Kids are the future, that’s just reality. Much of what we do in life, as parents, leaders, friends, trickles down to our children. Our visions can become mirrored within their little hearts/minds. So where does this fit in with the project and the sport of triathlon, which ultimately is just a sport?

Many will have different reasons for getting into this sport, and for me, it was something that showed me, regardless of level, intensity, shape, size or age, that we can do more than we thought. To me, what a great takeaway, the realization that my own self-limiting mindset, was just proven wrong, by no one other than myself!

Attending one of these triathlon races, one cannot escape feeling the sense of community, the intensity, the motivation and the shear determination within those that face the triathlon challenge. You can almost see that although the variance of individuals may obtain different goals that day, there is a collective positivity that supports those levels. That positivity feeds positive thoughts, and can be sensed in what can only be described as “winning cheers all the way down to the last contestant”- because it wasn’t really about the end result of the race, but the accomplishment of the journey that each of us took that day.

This is evident in the support from the non-participants, the husbands and wives of those involved, the family members there to witness a “first” and the children there to see their parents or loved ones cross that line of accomplishment. For me, crossing that line, transcended an illumination of positivity that I carry with me in all aspects of life. For at any point in my mind’s eye, I can recall what I did in crossing that line, to help put perspective into life events that too appeared “out of reach”.

Too much of this world seems to focus on the negative, or the dark clouds in life. Anyone can go around and point out the obvious of what one doesn’t have. But to expose our youth to the positivity and support of triathlon, can only help bring about a mindset of personal self-fulfillment, pride, and value in seeing others accomplishment what they too thought was “untouchable”. To instill optimism about the journey, instead of the destination, can only aid in providing the silver lining to what others may consider a dark cloud situation.

So kids, and parents of kids, I hope to see you at one of these events, or better yet, at one point during my journey up the east coast this June.

I TRI because they are watching and I want them to believe they too, can do more.

What is The Triumph Project?:

The project’s focus is to film my personal 21 day journey (consisting of 70.3 miles each day of swimming, biking and running) to discover the essence and stories of “why we TRI.” Through the endurance journey, individuals will be invited to join my effort each day and if interested, to submit their stories of why they tri for consideration into the final film. The journey will begin in Florida, traveling up to Maine, with a stop in a different city each day until arriving back down in Florida to finish the last few distance efforts. The current timeline is to begin 6/9/16-6/30/16

This project is aimed at representing your voice, because this journey is as much mine as it is yours. Hope to see you out there!

And lastly, thank you to everyone who has been following the project, sharing the releases or posts, rocking project gear and sharing your positivity with me on this journey-it is extremely humbling, and supports my huge love for this community, YOU ROCK!!

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