Being a Badass

Being a Badass

I love the term “Badass.” It brings about connotations of someone who doesn’t care about the rules, who does whatever they want. For most people, it conjures up a ‘bad boy’ image of someone who ignores the authorities. Not for me though. For me, a true badass is someone who defies negative social norms, someone who truly dedicates themselves to a bigger cause. It’s easy to fall into the trap of the 9-5 normality, but a heck of a lot more difficult to break out of that and dedicate yourself to something else, on top of your day job. It takes a true badass to get up in the early hours of the morning just to flog yourself, get to work on time, then get home to spend good quality time with the family.

Being a badass is a conscious decision. In my mind, it takes careful planning. It’s not something that happens overnight, but something that is worked on – a certain type of masterpiece, something that is constantly evolving. It is incredible to think that such a cool term – Badass – requires so much background work when you truly think about it. Once you start considering it from my perspective, however, it becomes increasingly apparent that there are so many Badass people around us, in our everyday life. That dude who is working his butt off to lose weight and become a role model? Badass. That guy cooking dinner for his family while his wife is at the gym? Badass. The girl getting up at sparrows fart to get her gym session done prior to getting to work? Badass. The father sacrificing his potential PB to take his son for his first fun run? Big, big Badass. The heavily pregnant lady who still gets to the gym for her Pilates class every week after working full time? You got it.

Norms are made to be challenged. They can lead us to be stifled, to be cornered by our preconceived ideas. It almost becomes a comfort zone, a safety blanket that we cling to when we assess everyday situations. I think that if we can all take a look at what makes us tick, what we base our beliefs on, we can all start to challenge these norms. Then, and only then, can we truly appreciate the differences in each and every one of us that makes us unique – and a badass in our own right.

So get out there, and start challenging. Accept yourself for who you are, and start appreciating the small and subtle differences in each and every one of us. And never forget to be a badass – in any way you choose!

Ben Shepherd.