A while ago I opened a dialog with a guy about a “Project” he was working on.  All of us in the endurance sports community have encountered the question “Why Do You Do This?”  Well this individual was set out to create a documentary asking this very question in an effort to highlight the answer.  After the horrible and sudden loss of Dave Mira the “Project” could not possibly continue as planned.  

Jeff and I started talking about what was next.  What was going to be the meaning and explanation of the “Project” now.  Jeff concluded that he was going to take a Journey to show that any doubt that one may have in their ability to do something can be eliminated.  

Jeff with the support of his family dedicated his 21 days of allotted vacation time from work to show the masses that a regular guy could do something amazing with just the belief that he could and the support of his friends and family.  He was going to do 21 days of straight 70.3 efforts down the east coast of the USA.  

When you see the greats in any sport doing what they do there is one thing they all have in common.  They all make it look easy.  Although we know this Journey was anything but easy, Jeff made it look easy, with his humble attitude, endless energy, and continuous grinning.  

I must pause for this brief complaint…..  I cannot possibly understand why the guinness book of world records did not officially consider 70.3 to be eligible for a world record listing.  They ask the question “looking to set a world record?  are you officially amazing?”.  I think 21 days straight of 70.3 efforts is pretty amazing, and I don't know anyone else in the world who has done that.  

Back on point….  It was a pleasure working with Jeff, and we at Love The Pain look forward to our future collaboration with the Triumph Project non profit organization and its head Jeff Fairbanks who I am proud to call a friend.  


Love The Pain 

Ben Haas